leaqweb: ETEM database management

leaqweb is an interface to manage the Luxembourg Energy System database of ETEM Luxembourg. Theorically, this interface could manage/generate any ETEM database.

It is an opensource program, available in https://github.com/lolow/leaqweb.

Its main features are:

  • Browsing/edition of parameters of useful demands, technologies, energy carriers, pollutants
  • Projection of useful demands on socio-economic drivers (population growth, gross added value growth)
  • A script language to adhoc import/export/edition of data
  • Data generation in the modelling languages GNU Mathprog and GAMS.
  • Remote solver for the ETEM model.
  • Display of model outputs as graph data, pivot tables.
  • Automatic diagnosis of the database


Edit Useful demands parameters

Edit Technology parameters

Remote solving of the ETEM model

Pivot table of model results