Emission Allocation

The Emission Allocation module of LEAQ is a program which allocate annual emission locally and spatialy for Luxembourg during a fixed time period. It desegregates the emissions for each sector:

  • Road transport
  • Rail transport
  • Residential buildings
  • Other buildings
  • Industry
  • Agriculture (energy-related)
  • non-energy emissions (e.g. from solvants...)
  • biogenic emissions (VOC)

It needs a spatial distribution of emission for each sector and a temporal profile. It provides the hourly maps of emissions for NOx and VOC in a format readable by the air quality model AUSTAL2000-AYLTP.


Emision allocation diagram

The components of the Emission Allocation module are:

  • Sectoral emissions: emissions are expressed in kt per year
  • Spatial distribution: database containing the distribution map of emissions of each sector. For the energy-related emissions, the spatial distribution comes from land-use maps.
  • Temporal profile: database which contains the hourly, weekly and seasonal temporal profiles per sector.
  • Emission loads: two files containing the list of emission sources, the emissions strength (expressed in g/s) in the format readable by AUSTAL2000.