AUSTAL2000-AYLTP is an augmented version of the atmospheric dispersion model AUSTAL2000.

AUSTAL2000-AYLTP has been developed from the German Regulation model on air quality control, AUSTAL2000
(Janicke, U. and Janicke, L., 2004).The model uses quasi-linear reactions rates to mimic the behaviour of ozone. Despite the fact that ozone has a non-linear behaviour, we can assume that under a certain number of restricted conditions a linear reaction rates holds. A set of variables, which have a high influence on ozone behaviour, were chosen to be the most significant, including:

  • zenith angle (θ),
  • relative humidity (RH),
  • temperature (T),
  • NOx , VOC and O3 concentrations.

The reaction rates have been calculated using the box model OZIPR (Gery, M.W. and Crouse,  P.R., 2000).

The model computes the time series of the pollutants concentration.


AUSTAL2000-AYLTP diagram

The components of AUSTAL2000-AYLTP are:

  • Emission loads
  • Meteorology
  • DEM (digital elevation model)
  • Lookup table
  • AUSTAL2000 (adapted version)
  • Photochemical reaction
  • Air quality assessment
  • Air quality indicator